Last Step: Land Title Transfer Process at LRA

Once you completed your requirements for Land Title Transfer for your property, the last thing you need to do is to pass it at LRA (Land Registration Authority) Office at East Avenue Corner NIA Road, Quezon City Philippines. Here's the map.

It is the last step process for your Title Transfer requirement but then again you will have another payment to be made for this process.

Step-by-step process at LRA:
 - Pass your complete requirements to RL entry
 - Upon verification, the staff will transfer your papers to assessment booth.
 - After a minutes of assessment, they will give back your papers along with the computation of the amount that you need to pay (be ready to be shocked for the following fees).

Here's the sample computation for the LRA payment fees:

This is a sample computation for a lot bought for a price of 500,000 pesos.
Click to enlarge for detailed view.

 - Once the payment is done, you will transfer to another booth that will get your papers and will give you a claim stub and a schedule when to claim. The process takes more or less 30 days.

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